Monday, June 7, 2010

a party for a very sweet pea

:: a fairie princess::

:: fairie decor::
:: the little princess with "the queen"::

:: fairie food::

:: fairie friends::

:: woodland toadstool treats::

:: making a wish::

:: a toadstool::
:: a craft: modge podge, leaves, flowers + glitter on little wooden boxes::
:: party favour fairie pops::
And while no good deed goes unpunished, I'll let you in on the behind he scenes as to how this beautiful day was possible. The saturday before I woke up at 4am, the children were out of their minds, my usually very helpful mister was at work + it seemed that every aspect of the party still had something that needed to be finished; not a thing could I cross off my "list".
My last pair of fairie wings did NOT arrive in the mail and I was frantic because the wings and headbands I had made were the "dress up" part of the party...and "goodie bag". I sent Mimi to several stores hunting for white wings before I caught up with my dear friend who had a pair. {Her daughters both moonlight as fairies, so I should have known I was covered, but still!}
My cupcakes did not yeild as many as planned because they were so big, so I decided to make an adult cake in a beautiful flower shaped pan I have. It fell apart. Twice. Luckily for me we have an amazing bakery in town and I think the key lime pie I picked up from there the morning of the party was a hit. I went to bed saturday with damp nails that ended up a bit creased {but not so bad}, while John finished polishing the floors.
I like to think that all of the preparations and business before the party contributed to making the actual day such a success! The girls were all so well behaved, everyone enjoyed the simple craft, and we mama's even had some time to chat. I'm pretty sure that Sophia had a most wonderful 3rd Birthday.
Thanks for all the birthday well wishes last week! I'll be sure to catch up on the specifics of the fairie crowns I made and the craft in a later post!


  1. It turned out so well... what a beautiful party!

  2. Beautiful dress, crown and fairy wearing them all.

  3. Wow! What a fabulous party! I love all of it. The beautiful fairy wings & food the cupcakes and the toadstool cap, so beautiful! I want to do some sort of magical theme for my son. We're coming up on his first Bday and toadstools have been planned for quite some time. I made him a toadstool newborn cap as well.

    My son picked the winner yesterday. Ah, well, next time right!

  4. i love those fairy pops!!

  5. Wonderful party for a wonderful princess!

  6. everything is so lovely!
    I love the toadstool hat, got to remember that one!
    my daughter's 2nd bday is in 3 weeks... I'd love to do something like that but I don't have the energy :(


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