Tuesday, June 22, 2010

summer solstice...yesterday

With all that has been going on this last week, I must admit that I had completely forgotten that yesterday was the summer solstice. Yesterday also happened to be the end of the year "kindergarten breakfast" and the last day of my mister's vacation from work. Between our morning engagement, emails and the other odd+ ends I was trying to fit in...well, to say that the solstice had escaped me would be right on the mark...
However, we managed a bit of a celebration all the same! A dear friend had given the Fif this book, Fairy Houses and Beyond, by Barry + Tracy Kane, for her birthday along with a selection of wonderful "building materials". We spent a very hot and summer like afternoon building away and finished off the longest day of the year with a fire and some marshmallows. Nothing says summer like s'mores and sticky kiddos, right?!

Do you have any special traditions for celebrating the summer solstice?

Thanks for sharing them!!!

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  1. At our church, they did a flower Sunday sermon that celebrated the growing season, though not solstice specifically.


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