Monday, June 21, 2010

father's day; medieval style

We had a pretty traditional Father's Day weekend; a bbq, some gifts, bacon + eggs. However, aside from the usual Father's Day festivities, we had a little something else planned. A completely random something else...

*************** We spent our Father's Day sunday afternoon at Medieval Times! Crazy, right? I had not been there since gradeschool and was hysterical when Pappy {my dad} had suggested that we all take the Fif there for her birthday. It turned out that this happened to be the first weekend that everyone was free to attend this "dinner + tournament". The Monks was completely in awe and baby Liam slept through the entire event. The Fif, on the other hand, was a bit more nervous than I had expected. She recovered quickly when the princess came out...{mezmorized by the fancy gown, I'm sure}. But I could not stop myself from giggling when I saw how smitten she was with "our knight" {who happened to be the winner of the tournament} when he threw one of many carnations to her. She is still carrying it around with her, taped at the stem so as to better withstand all of the attention it is receiving!

The rest of the grown up folk had such a good time with the kids. Ofcourse, we snickered about how silly we would all look when we left the theatre after eating all of the food with our the dark. And about where in the world they found all of those strapping young men trained in combat with medieval weapons...with long hair? Just fabulous I tell you. It is really one of those things everyone should experience once...just once, although the kiddos will be begging to stay for the next showing!
For the millions of ways my mister shows us he loves us...
To the best partner in crime this girl could hope for, I hope you had
a most wonderful {and strangely entertaining} Father's Day.


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