Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I have never been able to decide what kind of knobs to put on my kitchen cabinets. It was not for a lack of wonderful choices, that is for certain! After a bit, we just decided that we liked the way the cabinets looked without any knobs at all {...and we kind of got a kick out of watching friends fumble to find what side to open the cabinet doors on}.

But there are just so many beautiful and fun knobs out there! In the past I had used knobs and replaced the screw to hang pictures from. Then I had an even better idea; I would begin a collection of knobs on this one little wall that had this one lonely little picture hanging on it. Ironically, I think all of these knobs really are "So Good Together"!

I had quite a few knobs to start my collection with and bought some others, but my favourites have to be these that I made! I used wooden knobs and a piece of a picture decoupaged into place. I used acrylic paint to "finish the scene" and sealed them with a few coats of high gloss clear spray.


I am so happy with the way these came out! Imagine how sweet little custom knobs would be in a little one's room? Well, I'm certainly looking foward to adding to my collection! What do you collect?


  1. I love the little coffee knob!
    At our house we collect corks. Wine is a big deal in our family, so we have lots and lots of corks. I use them to make cork boards and trivets, but my dream is to mount a bunch on one wall in my kitchen... sort of a rustic, all-over cork board for recipes, children's doodles, pictures, etc. I think I have allllllmost enough corks.


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