Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I know I have hinted at this already, but I am just to thrilled to not talk more about it...
I have joined the ranks of the employed!
{I promise, I will try not put an exclaimation point after every sentence in this post.}
A couple of weeks ago I was officially hired as an adjunct professor teaching psychology classes at the community college in our county! After the phone call had come in and I was attempting to tell my wonderful, supportive mister the news, I could hardly look at him for the tic that I felt in my eye! I could not tell whether I was on the verge of laughter or tears; I was so hysterically happy!
After years of school and even more years of graduate school, I have been offered my dream job...and it is a real, grown-up, career type job too! Up until this point, the whole idea of ever finding a job had become a bit of a mountain. I know many a mama has experienced the feeling that if she is going to return to work {and leave her little babes}, she wants to be passionate about what she is doing, or at the least be paid well! Sadly, the job market has not exactly been booming and it has seemed impossible that I would find anything where I would not spend all of my earnings on the child care I would need to attend said job. Daunting, to say the least. ******************************
As excited as I am to teach, I am just as excited that I can keep most of my life {as far as being a stay at home mama, blogger, artsy type} almost just as it is. I have so enjoyed blogging because it has given me the opportunity to met other wonderful people, but has also helped me to keep my brain a workin'! I'll admit to being a bit of the nerdy idea of a really good time usually involves buying a new book I was turned on to. I love reading and research and I am so excited for my brain to work in this capacity again and to bring the excitement I have for this subject to my students, {as we all know what an impact a wonderful professor can have!} I have already started to go over my text, and while I won't begin teaching until September, I am already working. I can see how working in this kind of "focused- work- time" way {preparing lectures and grading papers} at home will be challenging +will take some discipline, but isn't that true for most things worthwhile in life?
Along the contiuum, ranging from Stellar to Outstanding to Very Very Good, 2010 is shaping up to be a most wonderful year. Thanks! to everyone who who stops by here to read my little typings and who has signed on to be a "Follower". I hope more people will join on and post comments as I continue on this journey! The ecouragement and positive reception I have been given in this little space has surely been appreciated and I keep it with me when I embark on these new ventures...or as I daydream about possible future adventures I might hope to go on. Again, my thanks.

I did ok with the exclamations, right?

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  1. That is SO awesome!!! I'm really happy for you. :-) You've worked so hard to get to this point and that has to feel good. Congrats!!!!


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