Thursday, June 17, 2010

crafting before 8am

I posted that we had painted a few accent walls recently. The next step was to begin to hang pictures on the one wall with the high set chair rail. I had been going back and forth about whether or not to ask John to put up a screw for one frame I was planning to hang. You see, this particular frame was hung on a ribbon and while I knew it would look best hung with some type of vintage-y, repurposed knob, I did not happen to have one! {I was not feeling very patient....I rarely am, actually.}
So,I aksed my mister to hang it anyway, figuring that the next day I would run to Anthro or the hardware store and pick up a knob to replace the screw. John hinted that I might just wait until then to hang the picture, but I'm guessing the look on my face in reaction to said statement indicated that he should probably just go and get the screwdriver.
So I sat for the rest of that evening, half watching the movie that was on, half loving my new collage of pictures...but hating that darn screw! Prior to children, I would hop in the car at anytime to run an errand if the mood struck me, however with children the words "hop" and "real quick" no longer apply to any of my outings. But alas, that evening I came up with what I think is a wonderful solution! Before I had enjoyed even one sip of coffee the following morning, I had plugged in my hot glue gun and went to pick a large wooden button from my button collection. There was no need to replace the screw we had put in the night before, I simply added a touch of glue to the button and Viola!
I am not kidding when I tell you that some of my best ideas come from true necessity!


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