Monday, June 14, 2010

a baptism

This weekend was the baptism of Liam Francis. Here's the thing about us and religion, well, it's complicated. Many people say that they return to church after they have children +I can understand that. Something happens when you become a parent where you suddenly find yourself doing things that your parents had done {like baptisms}, that you may not necessarily have planned on? So while there is a part of me feels like it was just one of those necessary things people do {like a vaccination}, another larger part of me loves the tradition and ceremony surrounding it. I love making my family larger by asking the people I love most to be godparents. I love that all three of my children have worn the same antique white baptism gown and that hopefully one day I will see all of my grandchildren wearing it too. And last, but certainly not least, I love having a party.

This is my best-est of friends, Auntie LaLa and her mister, Chris; the godparents. I asked them to be godparents the same day that they told us they were engaged! Kismet? This is Lauren's, "I can't take it, I'm going to eat this baby" face; and so while I know she'll want to kill me for putting it on the internet, she won't. We love these two so much; they are good eggs of the first kind and we could not be happier that they shared this day with us!

:: at one point during the epic-esque service, my mother told me I looked skinny... it was because I was holding my breath the entire time, hoping that there would not be a Fif style outburst. I was praying, seriously. ::

::All of the children and their godparents::

Lauren + Chris with Liam, Tracy + Marty with Sophia and my cousin Jessica + my brother Jay with Tobin.

This picture brings tears to my eyes because these folks are the most important people in our lives; each of the lovely ladies above are truly sisters to me and this's perfect.

So while I don't really believe that my little baby Liamb had any original sin to wipe away on this day {despite my Catholic upbringing}, I was beyond happy to have this special day for him. For him to have a grand introduction of sorts, to have a party, to be surrounded by all of the people who love him; and all of us. There is a touch of parental bittersweetness that comes with events like this, with knowing that this is the last baptism. However, I feel like whenever you are doing something for the last time, you should go out with a bang; give it your all! Starting a diet tomorrow? Eat a cake! ...that kind of thing. This day was by far more perfect that I could have dreamed for and I could not be more grateful to all of the family and friends who made this possible by sharing this day with us!

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  1. What a wonderful day! I love these shots too! xoxo


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