Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How we became Monked & Fifed

I am sure at first glance the name Monked & Fifed makes alot of folks say, "What?" Truth be told, the name could really not be more fitting. Back seven years ago, my mister and I were, well... nerds. We were a couple of hip nerds though, with all kinds of interests and ideas. I was married to my perfect partner in crime and nothing was impossible...

Then we had children. Our life could not be more wonderful, but it could also not be more different from those early days in our relationship. Our world had been Monked & Fifed {the nicknames of our oldest son and middle daughter} and would never ever be the same.

And thank goodness for that! Today we have 3 kiddos, life is wild and we could not imagine it any other way! We have grown so much over the years both as parents and as people. We have managed to find a balance between our adult interests such as art, movies, music, books, etcetera and the little people. More often than not, these adult interests are enjoyed as a family.

We have launched an ETSY store where my artwork, prints, papergoods, faniciful notions and etceteras will be sold. In this blog space, we chronicle the joys, hilarity and the occasional woe of being parents, being in a relationship...really, I think we will touch on a variety topics that many folks will relate to! I will also be showing my newest art works as they are completed...I know, you are at the edges of your seats!

So while we may be Monked & Fifed, we manage maintain our unique selves and interests in a world where it can often be easier to just blend into the woodwork. There is nothing better than creating and sharing what we love with our family and we encourage others to explore what they love with their little ones. We have pleased to have you along on this most curious adventure!


  1. Love this little blurb! Just thought I'd let you know:)

  2. That's so cool that you and your husband are "partners in crime" and find ways to be your unique selves. I consider my husband and myself a "dynamic duo"--and have learned so much being in this relationship. Oh,and I love your blog header--the squirrels are fabulous!

  3. @Margaret Almon
    Thank you and Thank you!
    It is so wonderful to be able to walk through life with someone who is so unbelievably special to you!

    How wonderful for us!
    So glad to have met you. :)


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