Tuesday, May 11, 2010

pixie princess party~ya...

"Mama, fairie princess party...mmmmyyy Birthday! Like Maggie-ya princess party. Princess crown, princess cupcakes...Fifi-ya birthday".

I've never had a huge problem with the whole Disney princess crew. Yes, there is quite alot to roll one's eyes at, and even more to be royally annoyed with if your the real feminist type. For me, I think I only started rolling my eyes and looking for the worst all of the princess stuff when I stoped really caring about all that princess stuff. You see, as I grew older, it was more important to "be cool" than it was to be "girlie". The longer I rejected the girlie princess role, the more foreign it became. It was baffling; could anyone be so happy and sweet {like a princess} and actually survive in this world?

Now I have a daughter and she is so happy and sweet {...well, when she is not terrorizing her big brother}. She loves to watch her princess movies and I love to watch her twirl, dance and give those coy little princess smiles. For all of my eye rolling at how impossibly perfect the Disney princesses are, I love it that she feels that she is, without a doubt, one of them.

So to make sense of the Fif's quote above {which she repeats about every other day, just in case I forgot}; she attended her friend Maggie's "princess party" over the winter and decided then and there that she wanted a party like this for her own birthday. Maggie's mama called the party a "glorified playdate", but I thought it was perfect for a 3 year old; not too many organized activities and only a few guests. Everyone had a wonderful time, and I was sold on the idea, knowing that by the Fif's birthday in June, I would have a 6 year old and 6 month old to contend with.
However, if you've read my My Sweet Babu blog {or know my husband}, you'll know that I am not a woman of simplicity. What my husband calls "doing things the hard way", I think of as attending to the details. It is who I am. Sure, I could have made a one stop Target trip and thrown together a party...but that would have been way too easy! There will not be any Disney princesses at this party, but rest assured the celebration will be very pixie and very princess. Seeing as how I enjoy glamming it up a bit combined with playing dress up and "make up" with my little girl has without a doubt awoken my own "inner princess"; and I have never been more excited to create a magical day for her! It has been a while since I caught a big creativity bug...and I am really looking foward to sharing these party preparations!

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