Monday, May 10, 2010

mama's day weekend

I spent the better half of the weekend with a husband {still on the couch} and three at times tough to please tiny people. This weekend was just chock full of highs and lows; very roller coaster like in my opinion. Yes, I shopped on friday afternoon with my mama {wonderful}, only to come home to teensy sparks of chaoticness {not so much}. Saturday was similar. Lots of wonderful moments sprinkled with dashes of happenings that were far from wonderful.

I know what your thinking, "this is life, daily!"

And right you are, this is how life can be. It must seem very "woman-child-ish" of me, but I do fall into the trap of thinking that all things should be just so because it is Mother's Day, or my birthday, etc. I know that some of the other bloggs I read will all talk about how wonderful and perfect their days were... I might roll my eyes a little bit.

I think it was somewhere around when our dog decided to escape from our yard one evening this weekend and go visiting that everything finally came into focus. Amidst the laughter {after our pup was found} came the epiphany that it is the craZy moments of mama-hood that make the good ones so unbelievably special! I realized that shopping with my mama and buying a bathing suit that I knew fit {because I tried it on!} was such a treat because it is something I so rarely have a chance to do. The mini rose bush my father sent me was such a great surprise because I rarely get something I love in the mail that I did not order for myself. And the wonderful homemade cards and gifts from my little ones are beyond precious because they were not written on the walls, but most importantly, they came from their hearts.

I recall spending last Mother's Day with my family at a sculpture garden here in NJ. I had no idea that the very next day I would take a pregnancy test that would tell me that the following Mother's Day {2010}, I would be the mama of 3 little ones. In so many ways, my life is more than I could have ever hoped for. My Mother's Day was pretty darn wonderful and perfect; I would not change a thing. Permission to roll your eyes, a little bit.

How was your special day?


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