Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stitch Nation Yarn...

I've been thoroughly enjoying this Stitch Nation yarn by Debbie Stoller. I happened accross it in the local big chain craft store near us and was instantly smitten! The colors are so vibrant + vintage like! As you know from my other knitting type posts, I'm a novice knitter at best. So it is not often that I will go into the ONE higher end yarn shoppe nearby to spend the bigger bucks on yarn when I'm not certain what it will be used for.

I've been bummed out when it has come to buying yarn, since it seems like these specialty yarn shoppes are the only place to find really fun yarns + patterns...but no longer! I'm loving up this Stitch Nation, especially the Alpaca Love + Bamboo Ewe yarns {the also have a Full 'O Sheep wool yarn if that's what you're into}. And you have to check out the free knit and crochet patterns on their site linked above. The price is so reasonable + I really hit the jack pot a couple of weeks ago when I found a schlew of this yarn in a clearance bin for just $2 a skein! {Thank you big chain craft store!} I'm still going back + forth over what I'd like to try knit first...however, even just walking past these great colors in the basket has me super excited to begin a project!

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Your yarn looks so pretty all wound up into little balls. Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of knitting!


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