Friday, June 3, 2011

Bee Day Soiree Sneak Peek

As is just a bit of what has been keeping me busy as a bee lately. The Fif's Bee-Day party... Yes, this Queen Bee has been list making, baking + crafting away in preparation for the party, which will hopefully be just the bee's knees! Sorry, I just can't resist the bee humor. As for the photos, well, even some of what looks completed still has some finishing touches that need doing...and there are a couple of items that still have yet to be started! Nothing like waiting until the last minute...oh, I think the next few nights will be late ones! I have to give a huge thanks to my many husbands would be willing to spend an afternoon cutting faux flowers + wire to make bee wings... or would stay up until midnight painting stripes on clay bees? You rock honey...I'll have to think of a way to return the favor.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. You are probably one of the coolest moms I've ever "met". I am not blowing smoke. All of this work done with such love and care... it actually chokes me up a little. The invitations are simply gorgeous. I can't get over them.

    I want you to be MY MOM!

    Seriously, I'm floored. Your girl must be ecstatic. I am going to have to pick your brain for my little's 5th in November. She and her wee friends would love something like this. It's just so sweet and lovely.

    BTW, what kind of camera do you use? I love your shots and have been thinking about finally getting a new camera.

  2. @Alicia

    You are too much! Thank you!
    YOu know, there were a few time there i the last couple of days that I SWORE that I would never throw this kind of party again...the little folk just never seem to grasp how much of our heart + soul we put into these things. Ah, but the promise of time with friends, a smiling...ECSTATIC little Bee-day girl and a rockin champagne sangria helped pull it all together! I'm kind of pinching myself that we survived the weekend though!

    As for cameras, you will laugh, I am probably the most low tech blogger ever. I use a PC with minimal apps...and the camera is a Canon Rebel, circa 2003...we traded in our Nikon + bought it right before we had the Monks. Next year {tax return time?} I'd like something new...but will likely get a Nikon again...?

    Thanks for all the good vibes lady! Would be happy to chat 5 year old bday party with you!

  3. @Alicia
    Digital Rebel...sorry...champagne sangria and all...

    and I will have th links to all the stuff I picked up for the party, so if your thining about recreating...ur in luck, most of the shopping was done online! You know how fun actualy stores can be with littles in tow...NOT!
    Thanks again!

  4. Online shopping is my best friend:)

    I have a little teeny tiny Canon that I really should use more often. I tend to take most of my pictures nowadays with an iPhone, and, well, the camera stinks.

    I just read your newest entry (so relate, and I only have ONE!), and I'm glad to hear the party was a smashing success!

  5. @Alicia
    You know, like I said, it really doesnt matter how MANY kids you have...I think it is just the WOW of having them grow older that gets me! And then having 3 growing older that REALLY gets me! I'm so happy to have this little piece of cyber space to be able to capture all of moves ever so quickly + sometimes blogging can seem like the line that keeps us connected to solid ground. Remembering the little parts of each day that are as so precious, yet easily swept away with the bigger events life throws our way.

    I'll be sure to have those websites off sooner than later...but for now, kids are with cheese in hand {in leiu of dinner at the moment} and off to cub scouts! Isn't life so glamorous?!?


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