Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shopping Find of the Weekend...

It is muggy + humid as can be today...after what seems like an eternity of rain. I've been a bit more laxed when it comes to posting lately...but I suppose since I'm done with work for the summer, I've already slipped into a more summer time posting rhythm too. More time doing nothing, staying up later than usual with my Mister, spending time with friends, embracing the non-schedule + loving spending time with my littles without much in the way of distraction.

Being care-free is such a luxury! And speaking of care- free summertime goodness... Heaven help me, are these shoes just too adorable? They make me think of rides at the boardwalk + Italian Ice...two things I plan to enjoy plenty of this spring/ summer season! Thank you Old Navy, for these red strip-ed espadrilles {available in Navy Blue + White too...} for just $14.99.

Oh, Happy Day!



  1. I believe I'll be taking a trip to Old Navy! Those are too cute.

  2. @Alicia
    Who knew, right?
    I'd kind of boycotted Old Navy for a while...it just seememd like some of their prices got a wee bit high? But I had forgotte about their sales...and other more reasonably priced items...so needless to say, I'll have to make a point to pop ack in there from time to time!


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