Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Black + White for Baby + ME!

Right around the time I became pregnant with my smallest of guys, I had been doing a good amount of sewing. No, actually, I was attempting to start up at Etsy shoppe and was preparing to do a craft show...I spent so much time at the sewing machine during those early months of pregnancy when I was suffering from what could only be described as "all day sickness", that one might have called me obsessed {...or certifiable?} One day, Olive {just a puppy at the time}, decided she was going to chew through the cord to the foot pedal of my machine. For the longest time I still felt that pregnancy nauseous feeling every time I looked at the sewing machine, so I really wasn't all that upset about packing away my pedal-less machine to think about at another time.{My litle signature tag I put on the things I make my littles, courtesy of Name Maker}And wouldn't you know, that "other time" came up not that long ago! When I began looking to replace the pedal, I found that for just a small amount more, I could purchase a whole new machine! I was planning to buy another Janome anyway, and it was a happy fact that the pedal would work on both of my machines...fabulous! Life had been so busy at the time when my new machine arrived in the mail that it sat in the box, untouched for a good month until just recently. Ah, but once I got started, well...there is no longer any nausea and I am just having the most wonderful time sewing away! My first project was to stitch up these pants for my little man...Black + White check with gray jersey knit lining {for both comfort + cuffs!}. I used a pair of pants he had to cut a pattern using a paper bag, excellent! Right around this time, I saw this post on this great skirt! I immediately set off to the linked website to purchase it, but had to stop a second when I saw the price. Actually, the price really wasn't horrible, but as I've mentioned before, it isn't easy for me to drop larger amounts of money on clothes as a mama of 3 littles...and it has only been slightly easier to do so lately because I work as a professor at a college part time. So I started to wonder, how hard would it be to make this skirt, or one similar to it? Afterall, I have made a few skirts similar in style before...Making this skirt was going to be my next + white for the babe and for me too! However, I had a sinking feeling that I could quite possibly screw up the fabric + want to kick myself for not just buying the skirt in completion, online in the first place! So I just bought the darn thing. I LOVE it!
Worry not friends, I have a laundry list of ideas for sewing projects I hope to work on this summer while I'm off from work. I also have a pile of clothes that I'd like to alter; things I adored + picked up on sale or from Ebay, even though they weren't quite the right size. We are finally getting some sun around these parts...perhaps those mini- alterations would be a good project to work on over the next few days inbetween time out-ofdoors? Do you have any sewing projects your working on? Do share! Happy Wednesday!


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