Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shhh!...Ye Shall Not Eat Pasta + Post...

Sorry friends, nothing scandalous to report...although I have had a wee bit o' wine + am currently indulging in a small {ahem, MEDIUM} vat of leftover veggie pasta at 11pmon a sunday night. We are just getting home from a super fun Cinco de Mayo/ May Day townie BBQ! Woohooo! Ah, yes, a great time was had by all...I made mini versions of my Coconut Lime VEGAN Cupcakes {FYI: bake for 15 min}....the kids had a BLAST...+ I was really glad to have the chance to meet some of the mama's from town who have little folk who are closer in age to my 2 smaller to babes. Good times indeed!

So at the risk if sounding a bit "Santa-like"... my 2 boys are all snuggled in their beds...the Fif has managed to capture my Mister {who I believe, may have had too much "mister-time-fun" with the boys at the BBQ + the homemade brew...he'll be paing for it in a big way tomorrow I am sure!} They are both passes out in her room..And this mama is sitting at the computer... Hummm? Sometimes, I really love it when my Mister has a rotating schedule + has random days off duing the week. Yes, while I do have a class to teach over at the college tomorrow afternoon, it is NOT I who will be waking up super early to pack lunches + to drop the little folk off at school {Ha! Ha!..yup tomorrow is "OFF Day"} Sometimes, it does pay to behave one's self; tonight, I will go off to bed with a clear head + make the most of a good + long night's sleep, in the big bed all by myself! So with that, I bid you all a VERY happy Sunday I finish the rest of my veggie pasta + enjoy {?} this riduculously random+ rare bit of quiet. Shhhh! So strange to not hear a peep!
...and while I'm at it...Happy Monday to you too!

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  1. those are rare and treasured moments indeed! i call it the big bed too as i frequently have children rotating into it... kind of like the family bed except that there are other beds in the house...
    hope you enjoyed your morning - so glad to hear you share the parenting...
    happy monday! how did it get to be may?


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