Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stitching Bunnies... x3

I recently purchased a new sewing machine {more on that in a later post!} However, before I get to that, I have a related confession to make: I can't STAND stuffed animals. They vary in quality {material wise} and can be cheap + ever too easy for people to buy...and buy... and BUY! That being said, I didn't always loathe plushies, but you can imagine how many have come {and GONE} through these doors over the years with 3 little folk! In my ever so humble opinion, if you really don't like a certain mama...give her kiddo a stuffed animal as a present...that or Moon Sand! ...ahem, so back to the original topic at hand... I recently purchased a sewing machine! And just so you don't think I am a total Bah-humbug when it comes to stuffed animals + the like...I realized that it wouldn't be a proper Easter without something new + squishy for my littles to hug + love. I decided that I would make something extra special for them with my new machine...What you ask? Bunnies, ofcourse! Three of them for my 3 little folk.


However, you should know that in the more recent past, some of my sewing ventures have gone poorly when I would try to sew in multiples. For example, a couple of years back when I had decided to mass produce reusable snack bags or sew several pairs of baby elastic waist pants at once for an Etsy- Shoppe- Pipe -Dream...not so much. All the same, I did some internet browsing for inspiration. I loved this design here, but decided since I was making 3 bunnies, something more simplistic would suit me better. In the end, I decided I would design, draw + cut a template for my little bunnies, using a paper bag. I sound really cool, right? Truth be told, sadly, I don't have a printer up + working at home for such simple downloads {doing most of my printing at work at the college}. Inconvenient? Sure, but at times it forces me to be slightly more creative than I might have dared to be otherwise! I cut 1 Body, 1 Ear + 1 Bottom Template {Cut paper bag photographed above}.
Body: 1 solid + 2 Print {3 total pcs.} Ears: 2 of each solid + print faric {4 total pcs.}
Bottom:1 solid fabric {1 total pc.}


Day 1: Sewing the Ears: front sides of 1 print + 1 solid with a zigzag stitch, then turn right side in + pressing with an iron. 6 double sided ears later... Day 2: The Bodies: 1 print + 1 solid, front sides together, zizagi stitched. Only this time, as I pinned the fabrics, I included one of the 2 ears between the two prior to stitching. The solid fabric is to be the front of the bunny {with the face}, so I positioned the ears as if the 2 ears together would cross the face {solid body} forming an X {when inside out}. I chose to have the printed sides of the ears facing fowards for this. Day 3: Face. With the back open + unsewn, I embroidered simple faces on the bunnies. Day 4: Bottom. Turn the bunny inside out, pin the 2 prints together at the back + zigzag stitch. Next, add the bottom round piece, pinning and zigzag stitching with the right sides in, leaving a small space for turning right side out + stuffing. Once stuffed, stitch on your pom-pom tail, then sew the small open area shut by hand.I am so pleased that I managed to finish these up AND keep them a special Easter surprise!Cutting your own patterns is really a fun thing to do... Any imperfections have more to do with rushed sewing than they do with the pattern. When sewing in multiples, I found it was easier for me to complete "a stage" x3, then put the project aside for another day {vs. doing each bunny from start to finish seperately, 3x}. I used corduroy as the solid fabric for 2 of the bunnies, but I absolutely adore the one bunny where I used yellow fleece...I will surely use that material exclusively for the front in the future! Most importantly though, these little bowling pin bunnies are much loved by all 3 of my kiddos; bitten by the babe, cradled by the Fif + snuggled by the Monks {I LOVE that at 7yrs old, this big boy of mine still loves his babies}. Well worth every bit of effort, if this mama says so herself!



  1. these are wonderful! my mom has a sewing machine that i am waiting for her to not want anymore! :0) you did such a fabulous job - i often admire the patterns available on etsy...
    do you visit ruth rae? she is amazing with her machine... in that rustic, worn, lovable way!!

  2. Aw, they came out beautifully! SO adorable.

  3. Beautiful bunnies :) I can't stand stuffies either.... they multiply like actual rabbits, and, in my experience, are rarely actually played with.

  4. I'm with you on stuffed animals. (Thankfully, with all boys they have been kept to a minimum.) The photo of your daughter with her little rabbit is about the sweetest thing I've seen and well worth your effort. Kudos.


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