Friday, April 22, 2011


I had planned to post about coloring Easter Eggs this morning, however, recently we have been taunted by the threat of lousy weather decending upon us at any moment. Coloring eggs seemed better suited as a "rainy day activity"...for whenever that rainy day decides to come! In the mean time, we've been soaking up as much Spring + time in the out-of-doors as we can.

So yesterday, I treated myself to a bit walk around our neighborhood, snapping photos of all the Spring time blooms that have been brightening my days of late. It seemed like everywhere I looked yesterday, there was Pink! Gosh, how easy it can be to take the beauty of the world around us for granted during the hustle + bustle of the everyday...I know I wasn't always as aware of all of these changes as I am now. To my great satisfaction, I awoke this morning to another sunny sky {taunted by the threat I tell you!}...and so Easter Egg dying will have to wait yet another day...or atleast until after dinner!

Wishing you sunny skies + all beautiful things.



  1. Beautiful spring photos! I love the photos of your daughter! My mother has many photos of me growing up with the same fashion sense. My baby is a bit too young, but I'm sure it'll be her one day soon.

    My moment this week is of her playing cups my brother and nephew:

    Happy Weekend!

  2. I love these pics! Great walk!

  3. Beautiful photos, love the colours! Thank you for sharing. Have a happy Easter weekend!

  4. I especially love that little pink skirt! Here's our moment


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