Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Bread...Vegan-esque Style

Sometime last year, I won my first blog give away: a subscription to Living Crafts Magazine! The magazine features lots of knitting that I can only dream of actually being able to do, but now + then, something jumps out at this recipe for Italian Easter Bread. Or as we used to call it growing up, Dolly Bread.

I thought this would be such a fun Spring something to do with my kiddos, with Easter being just around the corner. I'm calling this a Vegan-esque recipe, because obviously, I am not entirely opposed to using eggs on occassion. However, I did substitute Earth Balance Margarine for the butter...and used Soy Milk instead of cow milk. We halved the dough recipe {since we only had 4 boiled eggs on hand to braid into our bread}, however next time I make the bread, I am going to try using some Egg Replacer in the dough, since this recipe calls for more eggs than I'd like! I also substituted Almond extract instead of using Vanilla for the long as there aren't any allergy issues, I highly recommend it!I kind of felt like Super Mama; comming home from teaching at the college yesterday afternoon, setting off to bake bread with my little folk. Well, maybe not entirely Super, as I did have my Mum here to help me! We opted to make these individual little bread baskets instead of the longer braided loaves of bread I remember from when I was small. We all had a great time with this baking project and the Monks + the Fif were just smitten with the Turtle we made from the left over dough! Delish! Ahem, really. We ate almost all of what we had made this morning!

Happy Baking!



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