Monday, April 4, 2011

One busy weekend on "the farm"...

After I had recovered from being "under the weather" last week...well, to say that I didn't waste any time getting to work on the projects we had going would be a huge understatement. As soon as I was able, my Mister + I were re-locating both plants + bricks for well as pouring concrete to secure the posts which would become out front yard farm....

There aren't a great many photos of the littles helping with the building process...actually, there aren't any photos at all of the work in progress! However, that is not to say that it wasn't a true family effort. The littles were really good sports about spending entire days out out-of-doors while we worked + we did out best to take advantage of nap times + the Monks being in school until 2:45.


The patios are finished, the chicken coop has been built, spray paint has been sprayed + our little farm is just about ready for some raised beds. Ofcourse there is still work to be done...and I can only imagine how great everything will look once the trees have bloomed + the grass has grown! I should also admit that even for me {I can tend to be a bit of an energizer bunny when it comes to chores + projects}, this weekend was intense, as far as work goes. But I just can't tell you how tremendously rewarding it is to see the beautiful results of all of our hard work. Rewarding, yes...but also exhausting! Not so easy to get back into the swing of work and school this fine monday morning... So with that, I'll bid you all a happy monday evening as I head off for some much needed sleep! I'm hoping yor weekend was a wonderful one!



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