Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hot for Teacher, Vol. 4: P is for Plum

With having been sick last week, well, it was over a week since I had dressed in anything even remotely decent, let alone nice! The pants + shoes {from Old Navy} you have seen many times before, however this lovely little plum jacket was a Christmas gift...from the Anthro. Time + again, it seems that you could mix just about any bit of clothing from any clothing store...but when you add a really fabulous piece from a higher end store it elevates the look to a whole new level. I had yet to wear this little number, as it had been a really chilly winter + I really didn't want to wear a coat over it. However, it is 50% wool...so while the temp's we can expect for this time of year are just perfect this jacket, I know it's days are limited. Therefore I really couldn't resist posting plenty {ahem, 3} photos of me in it! I'll look foward to wearing this jacket often come autumn. xo.


  1. ooooooo I LOVE this jacket! Great outfit!

  2. @JLYoungsma
    Shut up! And thank you!
    It's amazing how a mama can get her act together when properly motivated by work or a date night!
    I knew you'd love this jacket :)


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