Saturday, March 12, 2011

Silly little Observations: The Anthro

So how about that most recent Anthropologie catalogue? I so look foward to thumbing through it's pages when it comes in the mail. Browsing through the actual store can be a pretty big huge temptation for me to impulse by some lovely little...anything...that I really shouldn't. However, the catalogue keeps me at a safe shopping distance! Oh the photos are SO lovely...however a glance at the price tag on the side column keeps my heart racing in check...

And so I just had to wonder if that was the method behind the madness of this last Anthro catalogue in which there were seperate pages...a directory of sorts ...for the items found on the various pages. I wonder....

I wonder if perhaps not being able to immediately see the price tag of a certain item...allowing that length of time, to be able to linger over the idea of how a certain pair of shoes is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for an outfit you've been daydreaming of... Now even though you know the price {because you looked it up in said 'directory'}, you can't get these shoes out of your mind! Ah...this is why I am a psychology professor. Brilliant I tell you, absolutely brilliant!

Ah, Anthro, no fancy parlor tricks needed; you'll always have our hearts

Happy Saturday!



  1. I have a degree in Psychology and am working on my Masters. I think of and see the same stuff! Too funny.

  2. Hello Alison!

    So I spent hours and hours (no kidding) going through your archives last night, so now that I have my own blog I thought I'd say hello. I'll more than likely steal ideas from here for my incoming vegan menus, everything I've already seen looks just yummy-yummy.

    Sorry for the off-topic comment, just wanted to introduce myself here :D Take care!


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