Monday, March 14, 2011

Curiosities of Motherhood & Life; Chronicled

Not all that long ago, I was looking at ye old blog + was thinking about how very happy I was with this bit of cyber space I have here. I've read other blogs where the authors have ever so often told their tale of how they "came to be" for other new readers... so I thought perhaps I would do the same. {...not that I have tons of new readers or anything, but here's to hopin'!}

I've probably mentioned this before; that when I began blogging a couple of years ago, I was more of the crafty-the-crackhead, suffering from Soulemama Envy type. Eventually, I started to get kind of annoyed with the all too perfect crafty blogs annd became a bit resentful about the time I spent AWAY from my kiddos, crafting away like a nut. So after my 3rd babe was born, I began this blog. I had suddenly had this epiphany that when it came to blogging, I didn't have to constantly be doing something extrodinary...that motherhood in and of itself was pretty extrodinary. And I didn't have to be super human when it came to posting... and posting on the creative things I did. Don't get me wrong, I still like to get all crafty from time to time...and even kind of obsessivly so on occassion, but it's not a requirement. You see, the blogs that I enjoyed reading were more authentic than perfect....


And with that, authentic became the cornerstone of the space I have here. Authentic + Congruent. I've always thought about the land of blog as a bit of a Co-op. Somedays I read to be inspired, other days, I hope to inspire others. I recently read this feature on a blogger I LOVE who wrote of giving mama advice...well, read the interview, but Jenn basically said SHUT IT! And I couldn't agree more! In my own experience raising 3 very different children in 3 very different periods of my own life there seems to be an exception to every rule. That is how I came to sub title this blog: Curiosities of Motherhood & Life; Chronicled.

As mama's, many of us understand that the best way to support another mama, friend, etcetera is to say, "I hear ya!" While having had 3 kiddos {1yr, 3.5yrs, 7yrs.} may or may not qualify me to be an advice certainly gives me a very broad repetoire of experience to draw from to say "I hear you!" about. We are all unique in our own ways; so while you might not have tattoos, be vegan, etcetera, I like to think that through my little typings each reader can indentify with some aspect of what it means to be authentic, to live the life that is right for you and your family even if it means going slightly against the grain {...or to be inspired to do so if that's the space you're in?}
This space is a chronicle of my life...of my being a mother: the surprise birth of my first son, the trials + tribulations I experienced trying to conceive my second 2 children...and the joy of knowing that my baby makin' days are done! { Huzzah! Yes, my head is no longer soley in my uterus...and I no longer get all weepy when I see a pregnant woman or hold a baby}. This space is about all of the growing + changing that we mamas experience while our littles grow + change... but it's also about the evolution of ME becoming the most authentic ME I can be. This can involve making new friends as an adult, dieting, being a working mama, exploring your passions + creativity... at times it may be something as simple as taking a risk with an outfit and at other times, as complex as reconnecting with your Mister on a whole new level after having + while raising kiddos...powerful stuff I tell you! We are never quite the same after we become mamas are we? It is all rather curious indeed and I find that I'm rarely at a loss for things to write about. Thanks for finding me...and sayin', "I hear ya!"



  1. I am totally guilty of the "Keep up with the blogger Jane's" of the blogosphere. Especially the Photography blogs. I always put myself down and think, "If I could only afford a 21MP camera I could prove how talented I am" and that's just silly. I am me, I am talented and good at what I do in my OWN way. I don't need to compete with the rest of the people I read because we're all different.

    I love this post :) You're an amazing mama, and I love reading your blog!

  2. I love this blog, because of the above, authenticity!

  3. @Ashlee
    OMG! {So Cliche}...
    I neede this comment SO MUCH today!
    You know, everyone's circumstances are different...and some days life changes minute to minute...talent + depth is constant though...keep doing what you are doing!
    Thank you a million times

  4. @Andr�ann
    Hey isn;t always pretty, but it is real! I love being a part of the world in a way that can make us all feel better than we thought we could be...hopefully! :)

  5. You took the words right out of my mouth....first found Soule Mama...and then was led down the garden path...Kept thinking, her life and my life...something just doesnt' resonate....!!!
    It's always so good to hear from someone a bit more real...

  6. I think I found this blog because you posted on Soulemama. Let's just say that authenticity comes in different forms. Just because you've found your authentic voice doesn't mean that another's isn't authentic. Which, in the end, is just to say that I enjoy reading about both your life and thoughts and soulemama's. I'm a 57 year old grandma who enjoys learning about the vast range of choices young mamas have in today's world. So thanks to all for opening a window on your world and choices. Makes me wish I had it all to over again.
    By the way, I've often wondered if you've ever seen this site:
    She also has tattooed ladies.

  7. I love reading your blog because it is honest. It's fascinating to read your stories from the other side of the globe (I'm in Australia) and know that all mothers face the same dilemmas. When I started blogging I definitely had blogger envy and felt inadequate writing about my boring 'stuff', but now I don't care much if people read it or not, it's really just for me and as all mothers know - not many things are just for me any more!

  8. @amosok
    Thanks for posting...
    I just wanted to clarify that I don't think that Soulemama Isn't authentic...on the contrary, I think she is the real deal; one of a kind!

    What wasn't authentic was ME trying to BE HER! That's a pretty tall order to live up to! But that is part of that evolution of self I mentioned earlier...being ever so happy to be the best me I can be!

  9. Once again, I'm in awe of your words. This blog just makes me so happy.


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