Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Shameless Plug for Herbivore{s}

I have a bit of a softspot for canvas bags + really cool t-shirts. Indeed, a staple of my "everyday- mama wardrobe" includes a good many {some vintage, some newer} slogan, tattoo shop + band {type} t-shirts. Skinny ones, with the necks cut off, ofcourse. {Never underestimate the slimming power or the collarbone I say!} I like to think these t's are quite flattering + that they pair very nicely with great jeans and a cardigan...slightly fashionable + very functional! And please, who can't use another canvas bags for carrying all of your gear, knitting, or for a trip to the grocery store?

And with that, I'll direct to my favorite shops for some of said T's, canvas bags, buttons, stickers and other this's + that's.... DundaDunDaAAA!.... The Hebivore Clothing Co. is located in Portland, OR...but their online shop selection is awesome. Even if your not a Herbivore...well, you might be inspired to become one {atleast 1 day a week, maybe?} I'm also putting a link button on my sidebar featuring one of their slogans that I love...Only Kale, baby!
Happy Shopping!


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