Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Confirmation Season

I believe we have officially entered the confirmation/first communion making season. Last weekend was my little sister in law's confirmation. I wanted ever so badly for it to be warm + spring like, but alas, I knew that the warmth of the sun could only keep the chilly temps in check for so long. So this was what I had come up with to wear... An adorable offwhite ruffled top with peach polka dots {very summery, but because it is lined, it is better suited for spring}, off white cardigan {Both tops found at Marshall's}, Navy Blue Corduroy slacks {Old Navy}...and ofcourse, my signature red patent leather ballet flats. I have to say that I think even with the corduroy, all that off white + ruffles on top really said, "Bring on Spring!"

On another note, this gathering was bittter sweet one. This youngest sister in law of mine whose confirmation we were celebrating is my Mister's half sister from when his father remarried. It is unfortunate that we don't see them more frequently, but all the same, I consider her my sister in law + her mother, my mother in law. That brings me to the bitter, we recently found out that my mother in law is very ill. Long story longer, while she had been in remission for 10 years, her body is now being attacked with a vengance. I don't think I was fully prepared to see her so changed... She has always been one tough woman, personality wise that is. To see her in this vulnerable way, I was just rattled, which isn't a easy to do. Not all that long ago it seemed that my Mister + I were in the phase of life where everyone was getting married, then it was baby time...I wondered, have we now entered into this period of our life that involves illness + loss like this?

The party was a wonderful success. I don't know if it was a bit of denial or the powerful sense of hope flooding the restaurant which allowed us to all come together to celebrate, eat + laugh. Maybe a it was a bit of both? I hope you'll excuse me for keeping this post on the short side. I'm not one to try to jump on the bandwagon of grief which rightfully belongs to those who are much closer to her {my StepMIL} than I am. I find myself feeling intensely grateful right now. There are times when one has a young family like we do, that things can be a little tough at times with the demands of a house, finanaces + juggling the needs of small kiddos. However, this situation: being faced with the illness of a loved one who is so young + who has a young daughter {tween as she may be}, certainly has my priorities right where they should be. Even on the worst of days, I am so comforted to know that my littles + Mister{...and I myself} are healthy, safe...and pretty happy too. I am one lucky lady. My prayers and buckets full of hope will be with J. while we wait to see what will be what.


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  1. i think as one gets older they find that life is truly bittersweet... and with the newness and joy comes the balance of sorrow... it reminds us to never take anything for granted and to always be grateful... wishing your mil a minimum of suffering and an abundance of love...


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