Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Red Coat

The Monks has been sick the better part of this week...and as we are usually a pretty healthy lot, well, this whole "one man down" thing is really cramping our style! Ah, my poor little emo- Sagitarius is just a mush! So with many a broken playdate + commitment this week thus far, I have pryed myself away from the couch + grading papers to present a post on...
A MOST fantabulous red coat; my outer-ware purchase for the winter season. I absolutely adore the color red, however in the past, I had always been more likely to choose darker or more neutral colors. I was pretty proud of myself for choosing the red over the navy here.

Coat: The Mod or Lord & Taylor
The only bummer about this coat was that the buttons were pretty poorly sewn on. After having 2 fall off, I ended up reinforcing all of the sitching myself. Otherwise, I'd have to say this coat did me right this season. Even if I was only wearing it with a t -shirt + jeans, I always managed to stand out in the crowd {not that it is all that hard to do in my case, but still!}. I'm hoping that because this coat has such a tailored design, that it will outlive some of the other ruffled coats that seemed to be everywhere this season + be a great addition to my winter wardrobe next year. I'm thinking yes, for sure. And with that, I am off to park myself on the couch with said Sick-y Monks for yet another Harry Potter viewing...


  1. i do agree - not only a fabulous coat, but one that has lasting power... tailored enough to be a statement coat even if ruffles are 'out'...
    best to the monks on getting better soon - and keeping the cooties to herself! :0)

  2. Gorgeous coat! I went with a peacock blue coat this year, and was happy to have that pop of colorful fabulousness on a dark day.


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