Friday, March 4, 2011

Nutella IN Bread; Anything This Good Must Be A Crime.

From Let's Bring Back: a new favortie book I am currently enjoying...
Blume writes of Bread..."Ever since trend diets declared bread the enemy, eating it has become akin to visiting a beloved friend in prison. I eagerly await bread's parole."
I must admit, it is a pretty rare occassion that I eat sandwich bread these days. Aside from eating a solid vegan diet {generally, a really healthy way to eat when done correctly}...I wouldn't say that I really have NOT been "dieting"...except when it comes to laying off the bread/heavy carbs. Which is not to say that I wouldn't eat's more that I have become picky about what kind of bread I am going to splurge on. Fair enough, right? Well, this bread just happens to be a little slice of heaven! It is made from the same basic Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day recipe we usually use...and we roll out our portion of dough similarly to when we made the Olive + Rosemary Rolls. Only this time, instead of savory, we opted for adding a sweet Nutella filling...and instead of cutting the dough into little rolls...we shaped it into...well, a little halo. Very apropos, don't you agree?
We finished this bread off with a bit of a sugar water wash {could use the more traditional egg whited if one is not opposed} and then sprinkeled the bread with coarse raw sugar. If you have tried none of the other breads I've posted...THIS is the one to make! This weekend infact! I INSIST! You will not be disappointed!
Happy Friday!


  1. Alison, that sounds too good to be true. YUM!! Now, do you guys use a bread maker or just make your own dough and bake it? very interested in making my own bread... the stuff at the store is loaded with God knows what! :)

  2. read the 5 minute bread recipe and though it sounds a little hard (I'm kind of kitchen inept), I'd love to give it a try. :D When you add things like olive and rosemary, do you alter the recipe at all to accommodate for the extra ingredients?

  3. I've never made my own bread but after reading this I NEED to try this out!


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