Monday, March 21, 2011

Guess what I'm getting.....

Your eyes do not decieve you friends...this is my new chicken coop that was purchased this past weekend + should be arriving this week! Why would a person want such a thing? And how was such a feat accomplished {getting the Mister to agree to said coop}? Well, last monday, my Mister decided it was time for him to have all of his wisdom teeth removed. He was hoping to have them extracted on the spot, since by the time he went to the dentist a couple were already in and they were pretty sore. But alas, he was referred to an oral surgeon + was to be given anethesia.I personally, have a horrible reaction to anesthesia and I have to confess that after being poked + prodded at through pregnancy after pregnancy...well, I got such satisfaction that for once, it wasn't ME who was about to undergo a "procedure". Here is where the chicken coop comes in. While my Mister's tooth extraction was a success, once we got home the combination of not eating, his minimal experience with having been "put under" and perhaps too much anesthesia...well, he got up from a nap, his blood pressure dropped and passed out he did hitting the back of his head on the kitchen island. This kitten lost a couple of her 9 lives when I found him fumbling amongst the pools of blood on the floor {sorry for the TMI}. Thank God my neighbor just happened to drop by and having been an intensive care nurse, she took over.
My Mister later admitted that he really had no business even being out of bed at that point...but you know men, they think they are invincible...or sometimes, they just don't think at all! His little episode resulted in 8 staples to the head, but luckily {post CAT SCAN} no concussion. Thick headed bleepity bleep. Oh, I was SO angry with him...but it was because I was just so scared! And upset! And completely out of my element! {My flitting about in semi shock earned me the nickname Butterfly MCQueen from Gone With the Wind} It was all pretty terrifying...not knowing what to do first or next, with 3 littles to manage aswell... Some "Spring Break" from teaching at the college I had this past week, eh?

So I'm getting my chicken coop...and chickens! I had been wanting them for a while but I think my Mister felt so bad about what happened with the head thing, he just caved in. Actually, he jumped to say yes, knowing that it would make me so happy! Traditionally, a Vegan doesn't eat or use ANY product that comes from an animal...but as I had written before, I do indulge in the occassional egg and I do not raise my littles on a stict vegetarian diet. I am so excited that #1, when I do have an egg, it will be my own, organic-fed/ pesticide + antibiotic free egg. #2, my littles will be able to bond with the chicks and help raise them, care for them + collect eggs, etcetera. And #3, that my littles will have the experience of seeing + developing a respect for the food that we eat, where it comes from and the animals who provide it. For not living on a farm, I think it is a pretty awesome experience. I'll be sure to post more on this new adventure of ours soon!!



  1. Yea! We are moving in the next few weeks to a town that allows chickens, so hopefully we will have them by the end of the summer. Do you know what breed?

  2. life never fails to be interesting now does it? i do hope your mister is on the mend and doesn't have too much pain - with the head pain i would bet the extractions seemed secondary... ouch!
    how cool on the chicken coop! definitely looking forward to hearing more!

  3. @mrskrafty
    We have 2 Speckled Sussex and 2 Cinnamon Queens. Both arre great layers...we'll have about 24 eggs per week. I've also heard great things about the Rhode Island Reds...but I think having them come from a reputable farmer is key too!!

  4. That coop is beautiful. Chickens are such great entertainment! I'm looking forward to getting another batch soon! aimee

  5. That is such a cool coop! Where did you get it?

  6. @robina
    Found the coop on Ebay!chickencoopsonline4u
    It is comming from CA...and I think it is something like 82lbs...but shipping was free. There is some assemly, but there is a video on the listing + it looks really simple.
    Although at some point, I will probably want to replace/recover the roof for my own crazy cosmetic purposes!
    It is due to arrive tomorrow...I love how it is so compact, making the most of the space by allowing the run to go under the actual coop. Huzzah! So excited!

  7. good luck--we had birds in our family for the past 5 years..we are on a small hiatus for this spring due to an extension or small remodel but we will be doing it again sometime soon--at one point we had 30 or so birds and we used to free range em on our property--just beware of racoons they are horrible--my kids loved em though

  8. always loved having chickens--my kids love em

    been doing it for 5 years now

    we freerange em during the day and lock em up at night

    beware of racoons

  9. @Mr. Lentini
    Wow, 30 birds! That must have been wild! {no pun intended}
    So far so good as far as the kids go...the Monks has officially been deemed "Chicken boy". It's nice to have the chance to raise them, even though, to be honest, I'm REALLY looking foward to them getting older + the warmer weather so they can be outside!

    ...and I hear you on the animal control. I'd like to give them some supervied free range time out from the fenced in run...but around here we have some turkey buzzards to contend with in addition to the raccoons. I'm going to have a spotlight on the coop to hopefully ward off any late night animal visitors?!?>


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