Monday, February 7, 2011

When it rains, it pours.

While I know I had said it might be tough for me to fit in time to write as often I would like while the semester is starting back up...well, I never imagined it would be this long in between posts! I have a whole new respect for those working mamas of multiple children {like me-self} that manage to type blog posts so regularly! Because the truth is, while we might have the best of intentions, life can easily get away from us...and while I am not so vain as to think that anyone would be "oh so interested" in every little detail of my life...well, I thought that perhaps some of you have been in my shoes + might chuckle to read what my last week was like.

Prologue: This week was a bit sucky before it even began as this time every year = MONEY {i.e.: BIG car insurance payment due + Years worth of homeowners Insurance due up front}.
** le vomit **

Monday began like any other: slightly chaotic as we began a 6 day work week for my mister and full week of school for the littles. In addition to the other expenses, the Monks had broken {beyond repair} his glasses while sleigh riding over the weekend...and of course his frames had been discontinued + the warranty had expired, so that meant a whole new eye exam/ glasses purchase {gulp, SO EXPENSIVE!}...LOVELY! After teaching class over at the college that Monday, my clan ended up heading to one of my BFF's for an impromptu playgroup...which, incidentally, ended in a trip to the ER for me + the Monks. Apparently there was a Kung Fu lesson taking place in the playroom that resulted in 5 stitches to the eyebrow...via a headbutt to a knee. This was our family's first major injury type episode/ ER trip...not my favorite way to begin the week, but we survived.

Mid week offered us an ice storm...I suppose mother nature decided to mix it up a bit and give us a change from the massive amounts of snow we have had this winter. This wintery mix really did nothing to help us find our rhythm during the mid-week, so in between delayed openings at school, lectures to prepare and shopping to be done for a PTO Dinner Dance that Friday night...well, need I say more?

I have to say that the PTO Chance Auction "Dinner Dance/ Fundraiser" was more fun than I expected it to be! I really had a blast getting all dolled up, "semi-prom-meets-cocktail party" style. Unfortunately, just as the night was comming to a close, we recieved a call from my Mum saying that our smallest of guys, the baby Liamb, was getting sick! We rushed right home {hence, why there aren't any pics of me in this beautiful outfit!!} That night we got about 3 hours of sleep {in 20 minute intervals}...and spent the rest of the weekend trying to recoup what we had missed out on.

As it turned out, the baby Liamb wasn't puking due to a virus, but rather to the teeth that are bursting through his gums with a vengence. He was {IS!} miserable and has spent every chance he can get curled up on my chest with his tush in the air like a cat! Needless to say, the weekend was rather uneventful. Well, it was uneventful for poor Mister got stuck picking up all the slack, as only a Mama would do for the little tooth boy.

So while this clan is usually {knock on wood} a pretty healthy + sturdy lot, we were chock full of injury and illness this week. Oh, I almost forgot, just for fun, I fell on said ICE right outside our back door on Sunday...HARD! My iced coffee went flying + I froze in pain, crouched like a cat, just yelping becasue I had smash landed my knee into our icey brick back patio. It was not as bad as I thought, although I did manage to scrape my kee though my jeans. I did start to tear up later when I realized that my fall had initiated the tiniest of pulls in my favorite jeans...which will most likely develop into a whopping WHOLe... in my favorite jeans.

So that's the week in review. The Monk's stitches are out, my knee felt well enough to exercise on + the baby Liamb is smushy, but not crying or I guess that is a plus! Please, tell me I'm not the only Mama who has had a week as psychotic + non-stop as this one! While the saying often seems to uber-cliche, it is so true that when it rains, it pours! But you know, if this is the worst of it, then I guess I don't have THaT much to complain about. So far, our week has started out pretty nicely... however, I'm looking foward to some warm sun {thanks groundhog!!}, some healthy livin'...and a whole bunch of more regular posts on this here blog that I have missed so much!!

Wishing everyone lots of GOOD!



  1. what a week! you guys were dealt a full hand this week for sure - but it is so nice to see that as a family you came through and supported each other... the adult walking zombies need to get rest as they can (ha!), easier said than done... so glad people are on the rebound... have you ever tried the hyland's homeopathic teething remedy?

  2. @mairedodd
    A full hand is right!!
    Yes, I've got a homeopathic teething concoction...I hadn't used it before,
    it is by Camilla? So far so good! I'll take any help I can get!
    ...Well, not ANY, but will certainly take some homeopathic goodness!

  3. The only good thing I can say about a sucky week is that at some point things have to get better! Hang in there... you aren't alone.

    I have no idea how some bloggers post as often as they do, complete with edited photos and recipes and whatnot. Personally, it's an accomplishment if my kids are fed and the laundry is done after a long day at work!

  4. @citymouse
    Right on! Those gals are some special blogging beings, that's for certain!

    And with that, I am going to sit on the couch for some mama snuggle time... {and congratulate myself on having 3 fed + bathed littles} I hope they all fall asleep soon!


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