Sunday, January 30, 2011

"The world isn't split into good people and Death Eaters."

Ah, this is a favorite quote of mine from Harry Potter; The Order of the Pheonix. It is spoken by Sirius Black {my favorite character name of all time...surprise, surprise}, who is Harry Potter's Godfather, played by actor Gary Oldman.

Sirius goes on to say that, "We've all got both dark and light inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are."

I believe in this quote whole-heartedly. Whenever I'm faced with a tough situation, I try to remind myself that every crisis is an opportunity to change for the better. Infact, it is not just in crisis, but each day that is an opportunity to act from the light inside of us. To be optimistic, compassionate, gentle, empathetic, humble + forgiving. People are not good or {lol} Death Eaters + the world is a very gray place with few absolutes. It is this gray that makes life an adventure; you never really know what will happen next! But every so often, people can suprise you + show you who they really are by acting from the light within themselves. At a time when I began to feel very stuck; that perhaps a part of my world was {+ would remain} very black + white, someone I had not expected to showed me compassion, humility + empathy. While I cannot know what {if anything at all} will come from it, I am grateful to know that indeed the world is not made up of good people + Death Eaters; that change is always possible + life is full of surprises.



  1. this is a beautiful and inspiring post... you put so much light and love out into the world, you deserve to have it come back your way...

  2. What a nice way to spend my pre-5:00 am time. Very insightful post. I think people always have the option of changing their minds (and hence, their actions). Love the death eater quote though. Can't wait for a chance to use it.

  3. I totally agree! :)

    I make it a daily goal of mine to share my inner light with at least one other person.


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