Friday, February 25, 2011

What's in the book pile right now?...

So here are some of the books that are currently in my book pile...

Ofcourse, there is the obvious David Sedaris book club pick { I have yet to begin it...but I am looking foward to it all the the author is quite brilliant}.

And then there are these other few books, the first of which was given to me at Christmas time...

...and then there are these next two that I picked up on

I am particularly fond of The Encyclopedia of the Exquisite by J. K. Jenkins + Let's Bring Back by L. M. M. Blume. In additon to putting together a wildly interesting book of wonders from years past...well, I thought Blume hits the nail on the head particularly well when she talks about us nostalgic types, who on a regular basis are left to endure the extermination of our "sepia drenched outlooks" by the world's absorption in all things "faster, newer & better". I've so enjoyed learning about {or being reminded of} things, activities + traditions that I had lost track of; the elegant little indulgences that enrich our lives. I'm so looking foward to my quest to incorporate more of these things into my modern life. A challenge? I prefer to think of it as a bit of Carpe Diem; Inspiration!

And this last book, Bike Snob, is a little something I picked up for my Mister around Valentine's Day...since he is, without a doubt, a complete bike snob. {Sorry honey!} Such a fun + witty little book... I've found myself cracking up while reading just a passage here + there. A must have for anyone who is...well, a bike snob!


So with that I bid you all happy shopping + reading. There is nothing better, in my ever so humble opinion, that a great something to read at your fingertips...especially in hardcover. After all, what can be more wholesome than a book? Shop on my friends, shop on!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Looks like a good stack! I've heard excellent things about the Sedaris book and Encyclopedia of the Exquisite sounds like something I'd really like.


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