Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Even the tiniest of piggies

While I know that I had promised to never get all preachy on the vegan eating thing or on the subject of animal rights, well, I came accross this story {with these photos!} while reading and thought I would share it. The story of Petunia here reminds me of another famous piggy who had jumped off of a moving truck which was going to be taking her and others to a slaughter house. That piggy was then adopted and went on to live a nice piggy life!To look at these abdorable pictures {especially of said little piglet snuggling a stuffed animal!}, one can't help but be overjoyed at the outcome of this little piggy's story, as well as hope for her continued health + well being. Isn't that the kind of empathy + compassion we should feel for all creatures; especially mammals who are not so very different from ourselves? While our family may have missed the boat on making any donations or the like for Valentine's Day, well perhaps we will make an Easter time tradition of donating? {Perhaps your clan might investigate donating to this organization as well... instead of other Easter time "traditions" which involve pig.} Thanks for tolerating my shameless plugg for Farm Sanctuary this morning!
Wishing you all a wonderful day.


  1. i am very glad that you did share this, thank you so much!

  2. @mairedodd
    Is Petunia not the cutest little thing ever!?! Cuteness aside though, I get that animals have been used {especially medically} for the betterment of human kind...but it is an inconvenient truth {that many like to turn a blind eye to} that their {animal} sacrifices are not handled as humanely as they could/should be.

    Sometimes it takes reading a little something like this {atleast for me} to remember that we all share this world, that even the smallest change can make a difference + that we should treat all creatures with the kindness, compassion + respect that we ourselves would like to be extended.

    Am I right, or am I right?

  3. oh my goodness. what an adorable little piggy! i think sometimes everyone needs a reminder about treating animals properly :)


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