Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All of my Valentines...

Over the last few years, it has been tradition that the kiddos pile into our bed on Valentine's Day morning where we would exchange cards, some little gifts, candy {ofcourse} and lots of hugs + snuggles. But like many things that change as our littles become, well, not so little...Valentine's Day fell on a Monday, when everyone had school + work...so we had to nix the whole eating- candy -in -bed routine. At first I was slightly bummed about this small, yet significant change...but as it turned out, celebrating in the evening proved to be a very fun time!

:: The littles; sitting amongst their Valentine's Day spoils...and really, how can one have a Valentine's Day without little conversation hearts? ::

:: Yup, that's about right...Fifed ::
:: A healthy treat sent by Pappy & Cam ::

:: For the coffee lover; a glass pour over...{with red base, for the holiday ofcourse!} ::

:: Who would have guessed how thrilled I would be with a new Food Processor?! An essential tool for any self respecting vegan! ::

:: Worry not, the tiniest member of this clan was not forgotten. Yes, that is a lollipop his is eating...at night. Kind of terrible...but atleast I didn't post the picture of him laying down with it! ::
And I couldn't resist a quick pic of my Valentine's Day outfit! I had to teach at the college yesterday and thought for sure my Mum would have something to say about my not wearing red... but alas, I came up with something! I can't help but be giddy over my Valentine's Day gift...I remember a time when I had told my Mister that if he ever bought me an appliance for a holiday he would be in the dog house, big time. Almost 8 years + 3 kiddos later...ah, how times have changed! The day was a wonderful success, spending time with all of my Valentines. I'm looking foward to a day off with my Mister today...we have plans to give the food processor a whirl making some lemon hummus to go with a delicious Olive + Rosemary bread recipe we are trying out. Sounds delicious, right?
How did you + your's spend Valentine's Day? And do share...what was your favorite + most random gift?


  1. Sounds like a fun time. I wouldn't say no to a food processor either!


  2. @Artistmama
    Thank you!
    Was begining to feel a bit nerdy being all jazzed about kitchen ware...I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! :)


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