Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vermont? Or maybe just a little NYC?

My mister had a vacation from work the week before last. We had to laugh when we remembered that he had actually had the same week off this time last year, only we spent most of it doing lots of walking...and jumping...+ other things that might have brought about my going into labor + delivering baby Liamb! Even though funds were tight after the holidays, we decided that we should do something more that just "the same old routine", so we thought about heading up to VT. But in the end, well, it seemed like driving up to VT {+ the financial implicatons} would be more that we wanted to deal with...so we opted for a great famil day at The Museum of Natural History in NYC.
Although the Monks has been to the Museum many a time {we frequented NYC much more often when he was little...and an only child}, we had yet to take all THREE kiddos on the outing. It was a little busy, but going on a weekend day as if it were nothing made me feel like a real honest to goodness "NYC parent". {"Weekending it" also gave us the chance to catch a great exhibit on The Brain...where the kids got to touch a real human brain! Oh, rapture!} However, after our day of livin' up city life, this mama was more than happy to take her clan home! So whilst it wasn't VT, the daytrip was just enough to make us feel like we did something really special with the kids on my Mister's "stay-cation".


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  1. one of our most favorite places! funny, it is such a vast museum, and yet we get drawn back to favorite places over and over again... agreed, nothing like being in the city to feel like you have done something special...


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