Thursday, January 6, 2011

Love Bowl

Here's the Love Bowl: Brown Rice + Black Beans with Kale Sauteed with a bit of Garlic, topped off with marinated Tempeh strips + finished with a Peanut Sauce.
I've made Tempeh nuggets + crumbled it for chili and Tu-No-Fish before {both of which I will post one of these days}, but was at a loss for how to prepare it "as is", without breadcrumbs, veganaise or the like. Answer: Marinade + Simmer! Everything is basically prepared seperately, then combined into a bowl of yummy goodness. And the best part is that you can reserve your marinade in glass jars in the fridge to use at another time {since your not marinating anything that is, ahem, decomposing?} Just sayin'.
This was a most wonderful, uber healthy bowl of comfort food to snuggle up with on a cold winters night. Can't you feel the love?


  1. Oohhhh that looks so good!!! I'm definitely inviting myself over for dinner the next time you whip that up! XO

  2. @With Love, Nicole
    Please do!
    We'll have to get on making that date!


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