Thursday, December 16, 2010

Never Loose Your 'Muchness'...

I never cease to be amazed at how the universe sends certain people into our lives...or how without knowing it, we will end up playing a special role in the life of someone else. Amazing, I tell you.

Without betraying any specifics, I will only say that I made a new friend this autumn through a slightly unusual set of circumstances! Don't worry, I am not withholding anything scandalous...I suppose the simplest explaination of what made our paths cross had to do with a of a combination of my belief in the healing powers of certain foods + my compassion for those who are struggling?
Little by little, the universe revealed that this artist-mama friend + I have so very much in common! I admire not only her artistic talent + bravery, but also the way she applies those same characteristics to motherhood and life in general. And you can only imagine how bowled over I was when MJ said that she wanted to offer me one of her artistic creations; as a sort of Thank You. You could have knocked me over with a feather...nothing like this has ever happened to me before {especially not through the land of blog}. The wearable artwork {my Never Loose Your 'Muchness' Necklace} she created for me could not have been more right on, in terms of really being ME...and so I just had to share her blog + Etsy shop with you!

These lovely little moments in life really do serve as a reminder that when we live and authentic life; never giving up our 'muchness' does not go unnoticed.
My many, many thanks MJ.


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  1. That's wonderful! New friends are always wonderful.


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