Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Prep....Vegan Style

I have been talking alot about health, fitness and healthy eating lately. While it was my intention to NOT be fanatical about vegan eating...well, the new routine has really taken hold of me. Initially, I just started preparing vegan options when I hosted/attended playdates and for family meals. While I told myself I would "cheat" if I really wanted to, well, I haven't. Haven't cheated and really haven't wanted to!

The Whole Foods catalogue of prepared Thanksgiving meals came in the mail a few weeks back, and since then, I kept thinking about this one vegan meal that included a Hazlenut Cranberry Roast. Per the box, it reads: a rich, hazlenut-infused vegetarian grain meat stuffed with "Feild Roast Sausages", crystallized ginger, cranberries and apples- wrapped in a savory vegan puffed pastry. Come ON! So I went on a little trip to ye olde Whole Wallet over the weekend to see if it was possible to just by this deliciousness without buying the rest of the meal {which I will be preapring at home....with the turkey}.

The roast most certainly was available and I bought it right up! {Just remember to read the directions and allow for the "thawing time".} I do feel kind of bad that I can't offer a real life account of this actually tastes, as I haven't tried it yet...but it has to be better than the tofurkey! Actually, the description sounds rather delicious, don't you agree? And that brings me to what seems to be the theme of this holiday season: Options. If you provide some food options {and healthy ones at that}, I think people will be willing to give it a go! If you are interested in trying this yourself...head on over to Whole Foods. We can pow wow on how it was after the holiday!!


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  1. Your description had me intrigued. I have one sitting in my freezer and can't wait to try it out on Thanksgiving!


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