Monday, November 29, 2010

A Thanksgiving Like NONE Before... Thankfully!

Indeed, this Thanksgiving was like none I have had before. I spent Thanksgiving Eve {after being a mean professor and giving an exam, bah humbug}, running last minute errands. Sure I was feeling a little irritable, but nothing that would give a hint at the total, full on stomach bug that would hit me at about midnight that night.

Ugh! It's been a while since I've spent most of a night with my face pressed against the cool bathroom tile. So selfishly, what I was MOST thankful for on Thanksgiving was that my mister was home to cook Thanksgiving dinner, play host...and do basically everything else that thursday since even though I wasn't getting sick, I still felt like I had been hit by a truck! Today, I am thankful that I atleast have some great photos of the day...especially considering it was a certain small guy's first Thanksgiving holiday!

See small guy here...

I tried to lend a hand decorating our one Christmas tree, which is a Thanksgiving Day tradition, but I was not much help...and the control freak in me made the family leave the ribbons for me to do the next day. Return to family room couch. Later, I made a guest appearance at the dinner table for some mashed potatoes + a roll...then found my way back to the family room couch. And there I would stay.

You just can't plan for these things! All in all, the day was a success + everyone there had a great time...heck, I even had fun, for the moments that my eyes were open! By Black Friday I was feeling much better and the Fif + I left the boys with my mum and went out for a little girl shopping day. Pretty awesome. I was also super relieved that I was feeling good for the Monks' family birthday party on Sunday...which is almost as big of an event as the Thanksgiving holiday. No, bigger actually....but that is another post yet to come.

And hey, on the brightside, who else can say that they weighed 2lbs less the day after Thanksgiving!?! Ah, but that's why there are leftovers...I'll get right on remedying that, believe you me!
Hope everyone had a most wonderful + healthy holiday.


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