Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Monks!

Today is the day...Happy Birthday my little Monks! I can't believe that I have been lucky enough to be your mama for 7 years...1,000 years would still not be enough.

But 4 hours was most certainly enough time for a big birthday bash with the family + some of our closest friends this past sunday. 25 adults a talking, 10 little kids a running, many gifts for opening, 2 tables FULL of food...and a partridge in a pear tree...

:: Outfit ::
Shirt + Jeans: Marshall's
Sweater/shrug: Old Navy A good time was had by all. {See smiles with BFF above.} I am not scrimping on the pics here...it was honestly just such a busy night that we didn't take all that many photos! {Did get in a bit of video though!} These particular shots were from the end of the evening...when things had calmed down. People had been everywhere, talking, lauging...it really was a great party, if I say so myself. And as far as the Monks goes, well, it kind of looks like Santa already came...he is beside himself with his wonderful gifts!
After being sick on Thanksgiving, I had a alot of catching up to do for getting the house "party ready". I was just finishing gettting dressed and was practically throwing the decorations at our 2nd Christmas tree when our guests started to arrive. We always do a big birthday get together for the Monks. Ofcourse, because it's his birthday, but also because it really is the perfect time of year for everyone to get together, even if the rest of the holiday season makes it tough to catch up. I am actually kind of half amazed that we pulled everything off! My mister + I did not stop the entire day! But I must confess that I really love throwing a party; having our family + friends over...them telling us what a lovely time they had, how nice the house looks....

However, the most wonderful part about throwing this particular party is seeing the joy + excitement in my big boy's eyes as he celebrates his birthday, surrounded by the people who love him more than anything! My little man, I hope all of your wishes come true! WE love you more than you can imagine + hope that you have a most wonderful birthday!



  1. Happy birthday to Monks! I love his face in the first photo. He looks truly thrilled.

  2. Looks like he had a fantastic birthday! I hope everyone is still feeling 100%.. you guys have had a rough few weeks here :)


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