Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paint it Black

The Halloween season is officially upon us! Well, if I had my way, the Halloween season really would have started on October 1st. We've done bits of Halloween-y things: like grabbing a pumpkin here + there, but it seems like the festivities really pick up around now. Suddenly there are all kinds of fun Halloween movies on tv and everyone is decorating + scurrying about to finish up their Halloween costume preparations. And so this weekend, I too scurried about to decorate and buy some autumn plants. Keeping an eye out for all things "dark and creepy", I was ever so pleased with that I brought home...

This year, I didn't really want to sepnd alot of $ on decorations, so I did my best to make sure that what I did pick was really cool. I also am not a big fan of overtly corny decorations, so I usually keep an eye out for things that look the part without necessarily being only a Halloween decoration...How creepy is this bust as a centerpiece? Definitely fits the bill for unique, don't you agree?

I also tried my hand at revamping {no punn intended} + dressing up other things laying around the house. Ok, I got a little carried away with the spray pain this season... but really, how amazing does this little pumpkin look in high gloss black?

And here is my attempt to upcycle an old faux ivy wreath that I had in the basement. I can't get over how great it looks painted black with a few creepy cob webs cast about!

Have you been working on any fun Halloween like decorations?


  1. I am on the same decorating kick right now. I usually don't decorate for Halloween but I am re-doing inexpensive things that are creepy without being themed. Did that come out right? Anyway, I may have to go get some gloss black spray. Especially on one of those twig wreaths...

  2. Love that 1st shot of your spooky entrance! And the high gloss pumpkin is great.


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