Thursday, September 9, 2010

"raven locks + the 3 boots"

Freaking Anthropologie. Once upon a time, it seemed as if I were one of only a lucky few who knew about Anthro. I would drive over an hour to a certain mall, just so I could browse around the store + perhaps buy one or two items. Then a couple of years ago, an Anthro opened in a beautiful shopping strip not so very far from where I live. One would think I would be pleased as punch, but this was not at all the case. You see, it just so happened that right when Anthro opened, we had began a huge construction project on our home, had our 2nd baby + I was not working. I had no business, whatsoever, even thinking about shopping in Anthro with any regularity. At times I even daydreamed about trying to apply for a part time position there, just for the discount so I could support my guilty pleasure. Even today, who am I kidding? If they were hiring, I would do it in a second!
But alas, years later, life has settled a wee bit, I am employed {huzzah!} + my birthday is around the corner. I find I am able to walk into the Anthro store from time to time + am able to flip through the catalogue without feeling nauseous or guilty...even without an employee discount! I am currently in the market for a pair of boots. This was going to be my big splurge; kind of a Happy Birthday + a "Congratulations on your first big job" type gift. At first I was thinking about a pair of great heels (not from Anthro, but made by Remix)...

But then thought if I was going to spend that much, why not spend a bit more for boots, that I would surely get more wear out of? These below were the one's I had been thinking about first, but then decided that while they are very lovely, the color was't really what I was looking for...
Then I saw these in the most recent Anthro catalogue. These are the priciest of all the shoes here, but are really cute. I would have picked these, but still, they were not exactly what I was looking for... I'm starting to sound like Goldie Locks over here!
In the end, I think I have decided on the boots at the top of the page. I'm a big fan of that cognac color leather + think that it compliments the black clothing items I have pretty nicely; dressing it down a bit. Ironically, these boot also happen to be in priced in the middle of these other two. So while I am more of a "Raven Locks" than a "Goldie Locks" , it appears I have found the boots that are "just right".
My allergies have decided to attack me with a vengance this week leaving me stuffy + worse, with eyes that make me look like I am part of the Volturi from the Twilight series! I will tell you that the first day out of the gate yesterday with school + teaching was good...more on that later though! But for now, any thoughts on my boot querie, friends? GOSH, you'd think I was buying a car!


  1. Love the first pair of boots -- the others are great too. I'm happy to report that although there's an Anthropologie in the mall I take the kids to for their "milestone" pics, the troops are always too crabby to shop with by the time the photos are done. Thus saving me lots of $.

  2. LOVE the top pair. I would definitely go with those.


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