Sunday, September 19, 2010

master sommelier

So while I cannot claim to be a Master Sommelier, by any stretch of the imagination, I have come to appreciate a nice bottle of wine. After our brewery excursion earlier this month, you already know that my mister is a bit of a beer I figured there wasn't any harm in me also indulging in something different from time to time when it came to wines. Being amongst the ranks of working mamas, I feel like I have a whole new appreciation for the phrase, work hard, play hard. We {about 6 mama friends of mine + me-self} decided to wrap up the week on friday by having a jigantic playgroup at my house. 7 mamas + 5 bottles of wine + 17 children {yes, 17} ='d a really fun afternoon...and this very apropos post!
I have found out a couple of things about wine as of late. One: I have to be weary of certain wines. A cheapy Woodbridge Pinot Grigio is a house staple that I can have any time, however other similarly priced wines give me a wicked headache + stuffy nose. I guess there is something about the sulfites? So even though I might prefer my in house white to don a more catchy label, you have to see what works for you. And that brings me to # Two: speaking of labels, there are some great labels + art designs out there! I thought this Pancake {a white} above was so cute...and I had picked up Razor's Edge {Cabernet} pictured below, after watching Sweeny Todd one night. The labels caught my eye + I was sold on it!
My Third thought is on pricing. We recently were re introduced to the 2 Buck Chuck: a label called Charles Shaw made specifically for Trader Joes. There are almost a dozen urban legends about this ridiculously good wine that is just $2.99 a bottle?! Crazy, I know. The theory I like the best it that the 2 buck chuck is really a second press of a better wine. We have had a few second press wines that are amazing. That being said price doesn't always dictate how good the wine will be. I've tried really expensive wines that I have really disliked + have had other cheapy wines that were delicious?
My last and Fourth thought on wines is on tastings + buying. We have a couple of nice wine bars near + around us that offer wine tastings on certain evenings. I went to one a while ago now and sampled a label called Cloudy Bay from New Zealand that usually retails for around $35+ a bottle....delicious but way over my budget. However, I recently came accross a discount bottle store where the prices are ridiculously good {allowing me the chance to try all of these new wines} and the people are very knowledgeable about thier wines. I described the Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc and they pointed me in the direction of the Sauvignon Blanc made by Ribbonwood {pic above}. This happens to be my new most favourite wine. I look foward to picking it up to bring to a party or to enjoy with a nice meal we prepared.
And so that is my ever so humble opinion on wines. The pictures are of some of the wines we have really enjoyed, all of which are about $13 or less. I am always up for a good recommendation, so if you've had any of these wines, or have another to suggest...keep me posted!

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  1. Oh my mind is drawing a blank but I love that bottle of wine with the bicycle on the front of it. It's really good, not expensive & I think Trader Joe's carries it too. Fun post :)


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