Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a painting

Water color on bristol board, 8x10
Here is the last painting I have to post from my Children of Lir series. Despite his coloring, he does look a bit on the tough side! When thinking about this grouping of paintings, I could not help but to keep comming back to the water. Perhaps the summer season has influencing my creativity?
In any event, while there are a couple more paintings in progress, I'm not in any rush + usually feel that my work is best when it is not mass produced. {That is true for so many things in life!} However, I will have some 'wearable items' featuring these designs to show you soon. For the remaining weeks of 'summer vacation', I am going to soak in doing as little as possible, which is not all that easy for me to do! For as you know, life with 3 littles is anything but dull!

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