Monday, August 2, 2010

My mister very kindly pointed out that as of late, I have been doing a great deal of posting about my paintings + some crafts, but not so much posting about, well, ME. The truth is that I have not really been doing all that much this summer. It has been wicked hot + so we've been laying low: making crafts, playing games, painting + playing in the yard. And well, I think it is just the best ever...No, really, I do!
After babe #3 was born, I put the kabash on overdoing it...atleast when it came to plans. Doing too much running around takes it's toll on all of us + after thinking on my post from last week, I realized that our craziest days were usually right after we had a day that was too full. The Monks + Fif would be bouncing around trying to keep the momentum of the buzz from the excitement the day before. Not good.
Although my littles have been very fortunate + have had many experiences, I never really bought into putting them into lots of activities... like, I just didn't think that on average, piano lessons at age 2 would make a huge difference when it came time to apply for college, ya know? People have their whole lives to be busy, but we only have one chance to let kids be kids. Summer vacations from school seem shorter than ever. I think that down time is just as important to child development as all of the programs out there; it gives littles a chance to follow their natural rhythm + use their imaginations. They learn that they do not constantly need to be entertained by an adult, the television or an activity. I believe there really is such a thing as Too Much.
So that is my 2.5 cents. I cannot believe that in September I will be a working mama, teaching college classes + that the Monks will be in 1st grade! I'm planning on keeping it real simple these last four weeks and soaking in all of this...freedom!
What have you been doing + what are your plans for this last month of summer?


  1. So very true!
    Enjoy them while they're small & let them enloy being small - the world wants us to grow up all too soon.
    Enjoy your last few weeks of summer holidays

  2. I agree. Summer should be as much as possible about lazy days!

  3. I agree with you wholeheartedly!

    Nice to meet you btw. I followed your comment on SouleMama because I'm a doctoral student and I love "meeting" other academic mamas. What do you teach? I have a writing fellowship this year (yay!) but I taught African American & American lit (I work in the 19thc but have taught outside it, obviously).

    I don't post

  4. @openid
    Thanks for posting!
    I'll be teaching undergraduate Psychology. Clinical work is great, but I've always really loved research. This is a dream job for me...and even though I will be busy with the work that goes into the job {outside of the college}, I can't wait to start!

  5. Wonderful! I look forward to seeing how it goes.

    I just realized using an "openid" didn't really work. Just so I don't look like a creep, my name is Robina and I blog at


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