Tuesday, August 31, 2010

lockets of love

"I covet". That is what I thought when I saw this locket. And then I was lucky enough for it to become mine when it was given to me as an anniversary gift. Although there are many lockets out there {including the ones I am making for the Monked + Fifed shop}, I really felt that this one was unique. When it arrived, it was on a shorter chain, probably a 16. I thought the locket would look great on a longer chain, so I contacted the maker to order one.
When the chain arrived, it still was not as long as I would have liked. Enter: needlenose plyers. This is considered to be a rollo chain and it was easy enough to take the ends off of the smaller chain + then use the links to lengthen the longer chain so it was the exact length I wanted it to be. While I have next to zero experience working with chains for jewelry, this was certainly an easy enough task.
When John got home from work + I rattled on about the different things I had done that day, I noticed him shake his head when I got to the part where I had adjusted the length of the chain. A good part of my ambition to take on various projects is driven by money; I hate the idea of paying someone else to do something that I can probably do myself. I suppose all it takes is a couple successful endeavors before one starts to adopt the attitude that they can do anything. And why not? Now I'm on a mission; flipping through pictures of my mister + the littles for insidethis lovely locket. It will be such a nice something to have with me when I'm off at the college teaching psychology classes; a security blanket of sorts. Even though the fam. will be very much on my mind when I am away from home; hopefully I will manage not to fidget with the locket too much!


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