Tuesday, June 1, 2010

little mushrooms

This hat is another little something I put together for the Fif's birthday party this upcomming weekend. While this does not even come close to being a necessity, I had been looking for a reason to make these little toadstool hats...what could be better than a pixie princess party with a woodland spin on it? I thought that if baby Liam-b was going to be in attendance, he should have something fun to wear too! I offered to make one for the Monks as well, but he vetoed the idea.

I wasn't looking to take out the sewing machine for this project and opted to use fabric glue and a blanket stitch instead. Using red and white felt I freehanded a template for two halves of the toadstool and cut out the white dots freehand. I didn't think this was a project that had to be precise... It was more fun make this way and I think it is adorable, if I can say so myself!

So I made a second one for one of our guest's baby brother who will also be attending these girlie festivities. As for me, I'm determined to get in all of this dress up cuteness before, like the Monks, my baby Liam-b is old enough to say "nay!"

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  1. You are super talented Allison! And.. how DO you find the time? Impressive.


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