Thursday, June 3, 2010


In monday's post, I had confessed that I had gone a bit over the top when putting together the Fif's birthday party last year. In addition to the other party type preparations, I had also made the birthday girl's dress, which I felt was a pretty wonderful thing to be able to do. While I was at it, I had decided I would sew myself a skirt for the party too which was quite lovely, all covered with parasol umbrells to coordinate with my Japanese tea party theme.

With only a few days until the clebration, I realized that I had not made anything for myself to wear for the special day this year! I had used these butterflies for something I had crafted for our pixie princess guests to wear at the party, and had an extra package that I will surely use as decoration. And so last after comming home from a lovely dinner with friends something , I threw together this little something with nothing more than hot glue. I did leave some of the wire on the butterflies to twist around the bobbypins before I hot glued them, for a bit of extra security.

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