Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a lovely surprise

We've been having quite the heat wave this week. When we arrived home from dinner out on Sunday our thermostat read a balmy 80'+! I'm not a big fan of sweating when I'm not exercising and the fact that my husband works outside all day is the perfect rationalization to turn the AC on in the evening.
So bad, I know...

Yesterday afternoon when I stepped outside to hang on the porch with the kiddos, the first thing that I noticed was the change in the temperature. The wind picked up and the sky began to turn gray. I did the complete opposite of what others would have done given the circumstances; I ran into the house to open all of our windows! The cool air blowing the curtains about was such a refreshing change. And as if that were not enough, when I went to open the Fif's window, I noticed a bush/tree that had bloomed and it nearly took my breath away...

The Fif's room is on the shady side of the yard that is smaller {post addition} and what grows there does not need much attending to. The combination of rain and warm weather gave this bush-tree exactly what it needed to bloom it's best blooms. I felt like I had been given a tiny, unexpected gift when I saw these beautiful flowers blowing about. I photographed. I yanked a branch off to bring inside. I blogged.
Really good stuff.

Any beautiful surprises growing outside your window? I'd love to see the link!


  1. isnt spring magnificent: its so 'boosting'. {{loveyourtatt}}

  2. Love it! :-) Can't wait for warm breezes. We are in the Western Sierras of CA and while it's warm while sunny lately, it's still chilly at night. I LOOOOOVE warm breezes!!! That's the best! Even when it's over 100, a warm breeze is like a hot, dry bath...feels so good. And I'm a water sign!
    So far the only new spring growth we have around here are the bright green oak leaves...not that they're blooming...they're leaves after all...
    Anyway, wanted to say I love your hair! I need to learn how to do the retro 40's hairstyles...tres cool!

  3. I felt that rush of cool air too. It was so lovely! We hadn't put our window AC units in, so we were scrambling in the unexpected heat! Those flowers are just lovely. Wonder what kind of bush that is?


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