Thursday, April 22, 2010


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{This Moment}

"Monks, please sit with your brother while I get the laundry"...
"Fif, show the baby his toy, yeah, that one there..."

The moments when I really feel having three kiddos usually involve everyone making noise. All of them either talking, yelling, crying, the same time. I defer to older siblings to help out with younger ones and somehow everyone is heard an gets what they need.

And then there are little moments like this. Quiet moments where in silence they all seem to congregate as if they were pulled together magnetically. They love each other. Each wants to see what the others are doing. And I find then when the little man is added to the mix, he keeps the arm flying and grabbing to a minimum. And while it may be short lived, that sweet memory remains...and keeps me from eating them when mere minutes later the rukus resumes.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. What a sweet moment of sibling love!

  2. A beautiful moment and such a sweet commentary about it. I love it!

  3. :'') awww...emotional pregnant woman ( looks forward to future siblings for her big boy.

  4. hi alison!
    i love that dollhouse, or is it a barN? i see a chicken! my kids would love love

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm always so excited to see posts! And yes, it is a barn, the Holtztiger. A huge Xmas splurge, but in recent years, we have opted for fewer really special gifts for the kiddos. Sometimes they will get a new figure for a special event or is for sure something taht they all enjoy and that I hope to see my grandchildren playing with one day!
    {sap, sap}


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