Sunday, April 25, 2010

Love the baby

I Love...
the way he smells and the way his little chubby thigh creases in the middle
the way his hair stands up all straight and fluffy after a bath
the way his eyes follow me as I move around the room
and how when he grips my finger, I can tell how much stronger he has become.

I Love...
how when he lies down and stretches his arms up high, his little hand just reaches the side of his head
how he looks at me like I'm the most wonderful thing he has ever seen
how he is so tolerant when I need to put him down to do something for his sister and brother
and how he laughs when they get into mischief and I yell at them...little stinker.

I Love...
how he snuggles and burrows into my chest and just radiates complete happiness
how he smiles in his sleep and wakes up happy
how infectious his smile is; he brings joy to everyone he meets
and how he is so engaged; he is such a kind soul, I feel I can already see the wonderful man he will grow to become.

We never change as much or so drastically in our lives as we do in the first year of life. Try as we might, we cannot stop time or slow it down, but we can choose what we will do with the time we have. I am blessed to have this third, tiny teacher in my life. Like his siblings, he has taught me to slow down, prioritize and appreciate the small things. I am striving to be an A+ student. My growing list of all the things I love about this tiny man and the Monks and Fif brings me so much peace. Sometimes when situations in life can feel heavy upon my shoulders, all I have to do is love the baby; any one of the three will do. In the time it takes to share a hug, I am brought into the present moment; the conflict in my mind is dissolved when challenged by the wonderful truth in my heart and suddenly all of my worries seem so very small.
{One of the toughest parts about my little ones growing up is sending them out into the world where they are vulnerable to the opinions and criticisms of others. I am not one of those mamas who believes their children are infallible, but that doesn't make it any easier to hear that they have done something they shouldn't. What is worse still is when you know they are catching heat for something that is not entirely true; this is what we were experiencing last week when I wrote this post. While I was feeling a whole spectrum of not so happy emotions, the thing that helped me to think most clearly was just holding my baby; loving all of my little ones. Sometimes, the calm you feel when you listen to the truth in your heart is exactly what you need to head in the right direction, in the right spirit.}

And so that is what happened. Lots of love, lots of laughter, some talking, a wonderful dinner with old friends, some projects worked on and coffee with loved one's visiting from out of town. All possible thanks to the right perspective, I suppose. It was a wonderful weekend. How was yours?


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