Monday, April 18, 2011

An Egg Hunt + the Religious Citizens of the Universe

This past weekend was the Little Folk's Easter Egg Hunt at my Mum's church. Technically it is our church too...ahem, or one of them, since at present we are members of a few churches. You see, as far as religion goes, our family believes in God, but considers ourselves to be more, um...religious citizens of the universe when it comes to the number of ways in which one can love + pray to God. Life can give us alot to make sense of at times, but when it comes to God, I enojoy the opportunity to be humble + not know all the answers. Regardless of where we are {whether it be a religious place or everyday life}, it seems to me that the core of most religions have the same message: Love God, Love + Be Good to Each Other. So with that, my littles, Mimi + I happily bopped off to church on this cool, gray Saturday for a morning of crafts, planting, songs, snacks...and ofcourse, Easter Eggs! Ah, there is no mistaking us for being anywhere else but inside a church {or Catholic school} when you catch a glimpse of those brown tables + speckled floors! 1,100 Easter Eggs were hunted just before the weather turned rainy + raw...large amounts of candy were consumed + I swear to you that there was not one moment of quiet the entire day until bedtime. {Yup, that slightly spastic photo of me above with the frizz quality to the hair was very telling of what the day was like!} But as many a mama will say, "that's the holidays with little folk for you!" Perhaps having been in church kept me from eating said little folk before their father came home from work that night? LOL. As we embark on the kiddos "Spring Break" from school {everyone is home, TOGETHER for the entire week!}...I can only hope that they had a wonderful time this weekend...and pray that they don't find where I hid their candy.



  1. I believe I belong to that same school... religious citizens of the world. I like that. I love the fact that the church you went to incorporated planting as part of the festivities.

  2. @Alicia
    Wasn't the planting great!?!
    When I saw that soil, I was so excited! It was a really nice time.


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